Border Terrier Resources

+ Border Terrier Club of America - The Border Terrier National Club.

+ Border Terrier Club of Ontario - Canada.

+ Border Terrier List on Yahoo! - Other BT owners share their experiences; great resource both for those new to the breed and for experienced BT owners.

+ BTCR members only group on Yahoo! - Email other members, share information about events, and post anything of interest concerning Border Terriers.


+ Activities that you and your Border Terrier can do together.


+ American Kennel Club - All-breed information, performance event information, conformation, registration information, education, etc.

+ InfoDog - The most comprehensive list for conformation and performance events.

Training Resources

+ Clicker Solutions - Website devoted to techniques and tricks for training your dog in a positive way.

+ Karen Pryor - One of the founders of clicker training, her site is an excellent resource for finding trainers and for training your dog.

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