Border Terriers

Is The Border Terrier the Right Dog For You?

Before deciding on any breed of dog, it’s important to arm yourselves with the facts. Border terriers are cute, lovable, and tenacious, with many endearing qualities. But as they were originally bred to chase foxes out of their holes, working independently, they have a strong prey drive which can get them in trouble in this modern world.

The Border Terrier in Brief, available from the BTCA website, is essential reading for any prospective BT owner.

Health Considerations

Through years of careful and responsible breeding, the Border Terrier has relatively few health problems. Genetic problems occasionally found in BTs are: hip dysplasia, heart defects, PRA and juvenile cataracts, luxating patellas, seizures, allergies, bite malocclusion and undescended testicles. For more information on the health of the breed, see the Border Terrier in Brief.

You can look up the health test status of prospective dams and sires at the OFA website and the CERF website. Health checks should be done for both the dam and the sire to ensure that they are free of problems and will be more likely to produce healthy pups free of genetic defects. Recommended health checks include: eyes, heart, hips, and patellas. If you’re interested in getting your dogs checked, you can often find (relatively) inexpensive tests at local dog shows.

One emerging problem being seen in the breed is Spike’s disease (aka canine epileptiod cramping disorder). This is a recently-recognized genetic disorder common to Borders that typically shows up at anywhere between 2 to 6 years of age. Dogs don’t lose consciousness during an episode, but can tremble, stagger, fall over, and cramp up.

Border Terrier Rescue

On occasion a Border Terrier needs help to be re-homed. The reasons can vary, but the need is still the same.

Our local club, along with our national club, is very dedicated to making sure that no Border Terrier is left homeless. After owning a Border Terrier, one naturally becomes protective, and we all become the eyes and ears for the breed. Many club members have become dedicated to help with the ongoing BT rescue around the country. Rehoming can turn out to be a wonderful way to bring a BT into the life of you or someone else.

Contact our special protectors and unsung heroes of the Border Terrier breed. They are often working behind the scenes using their own time and money.

Donations to the rescue fund are always appreciated! Please contact the club treasurer if interested.